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Top 10 Detectives in India

Welcome to Aark Detectives in India

“I have been suspecting my husband for he is lately avoiding my calls and responses as often as possible. What to do?”

“My child has been missing from the past few days and police department is in no way assuring us of any promised report.”

“My very own partner is proven to be a great fraud as he has cunningly confiscated the company papers and shares of my own stocks. I am totally helpless and need immediate acute guidance on the scenario.”.

These are few common commentaries that you get to hear or read if you go through online forums and daily news feeds on internet and most of them true to their core as the victims are getting proper help to resolve their trouble. Their solve dependence upon cops and officials are not fully satisfying and they relentlessly opt for a better support and guidance. So if you are tired of trying out unpromising detective agencies for your ordeal, then your prolonged search is over as Aark Detectives Pvt. Ltd has come to your aid to lift you up.

Aark Detectives is one of the most promising detective agencies in India, which can actually guarantee you the expected result within a short span of time. It incorporates a group of highly trained and well versed private detectives in India who are capable enough to figure out your issue as quickly as possible and present you the expected output.

Our branches are spread all across the nation, be it New Delhi, Hyderabad, Punjab, Kolkata, Bihar, Goa, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Andhra Pradesh, Indore, Vijaywada, Gujarat, etc. and our communication background is strongly supported by various detective and spy networks. Besides, we have profound involvement of famous TV channels, spokespersons, higher ranking officers, and detective agencies from other foreign countries that together put up the necessary help to solve our case filed by our clients.
Our services have four basic schemes:

  • Personal Services, which basically deals with issues on personal levels, like Adultery/ infidelity issues; divorce issues; partner cheating or deceit; pre-marital and post extra-marital affairs; family murder cases; child missing; personal investigation; surveillance; under cover personal operations; etc.

  • Corporate Services, which basically deals with issues circulating around the corporate levels, for instance, murders; asset search and skip tracing; corporate fraud cases; security issues; data thefts; cyber crimes; auditing misconception; bank account loot; executive protection, geopolitical analysis, etc.

  • IPR Investigation, abbreviated for Integrated Property Rights, basically deals with property issues like infringement copyright and trademark issues; brand protection; technology protections; patent issues, etc.

  • Forensic Investigation, which is usually the gathering of crime related evidence and their respective analysis to sort out the valid meaning. It involves analysis of blood, fingerprints, fluids, facets, and bodily residue of the deceased victim who got murdered.

    No matter how trivial your case seems to be, once it is under our investigatory agenda, there is no need for you to insanely worry any longer. Your every perplexity is our responsibility till we present you the solved case before you.

    But you first need to stretch out your hands in order for us to stretch it back for help.

    For any further queries, you can subscribe to our official website www.aarkdetectives.com to get daily updates.
Our advantage

Handling surveillance technology with experienced private investigator Having well qualified professional and investigator for client Specialize in background verification services with evidence proof 100% confidential and integrity of works

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Aark Detectives provides all kinds of detective services all over India including many foreign countries.

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