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Forensic Investigations

License Plate Recognition System


• Base Model: For Single Door Entry and Exit Point
• For Multiple Door Entry & Exit — “Quotation on Request"

Key Unique Feotures

Automatic License Plate Recognition
Vehicle Picture Capture and Stored with Time-Stamp

Staff & Students Attendance System

• Face Recognition Based Sta Attendance System (FRSAS)
• Face Recognition Based Sta Attendance System (FRSAS) — Base Model
• Model Number: 2IP.FRSAS.1708.b.v.1.0

Key Unique Feotures:

• Face Recognition based (Staff) Attendance Management System Double Authentication:

1. First authentication: Face Recognition

2. Second authentication : RFID or Mobile Phone

Retail Operations Management System

•Base Model — Retail (-600 square feet area) with Single Entry and Exit point
•Multiple Floors i.e. Multiple Entry & Exit Points —“On Request"
•For the use of the theft of the items present at the store

Forensic handwriting analysis

Working with the country’s leading handwriting analysis experts forensic resources are Proud to offer a comprehensive forensic handwriting analysis, signature analysis and Document analysis service to private and public sector in cases such as identity theft, forgery, counterfeiting, fraud, or forged documents, our Handwriting experts may investigate suspected disputes through a variety of methods such as The comparison of documents, when authorship is in question. Other common procedures include Determining when a document was produced or deciding information on the document that has been obscured, destroyed or erased.

Employee background verification

It goes without saying that every time a business needs to fill an open work position, there are a few steps that need to be taken. The job description needs to be published online, for instance, so that interested parties can submit applications for consideration. The employer then needs to sift through these applications pick out qualified candidates, and set up interviews. Some employment processes consist of phone interviews usually give the employer the information they need to make an educated hiring.

DNA Test

DNA testing plays an important role in research. It forms a core basis of others fields Such as medicine, agriculture, genealogy, forensic science and more. The word 'DNA' stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA is essential to the proper function of human cells. In fact, DNA is actually referred to as the blueprint or the foundation which holds the information required for encoding the portions and others cell components, the importance of DNA testing can be understood from research, medical and judicial prospective. Below is same the information that will explain the importance of DNA testing’s.

24x7 Surveillance

Have you always wished that your business site was monitored on a 24/7 basis well, you do not have to wish anymore, as this is now possible through exclusive CCTV monitoring services for any type of commercial or non-commercial asset. With remote CCTV monitoring services from India, you can avail round the clock security services of your site and secure it’s safely. Through video monitoring, a trained team in India can continually scan your premises and sound your alarms whenever necessary. You can be rest assured that any intruders will be followed and threats will be closely monitored.

Forensic accounting

Forensic accounting is a legal term. It is in simplest form application of accounting techniques and concepts in issues concerning legal matters. The requirement comes due to high rate of white collar crimes like embezzlement, fraudulent financials and various others Financial wrong doings

Fingerprint analysis

We touch things every day: a coffee cup, a car door, a computer keyboard. Each time we do, It is likely that we leave behind our unique signature in our fingerprints. No two people have exactly the same fingerprints. Even identical twins, with identical DNA, have different fingerprints. This uniqueness allows fingerprints to be used in all sorts of ways, including for background checks, biometric security, and mass disaster identification and of course, in criminal situations.

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