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Famous Detectives in India

Welcome to Aark Detectives in India

Whenever you come across the term Detectives, it immediately triggers a surge of mystery embracing an excitement. Isn’t it? But that is not the case in reality. An individual seeking a detective assistance surely creates a mysterious aura around the plot, but precisely he is inwardly suffering a lot which is often overlooked by the readers reading the case. It is out of a great helplessness and depression that you pick up your phone to call a detective after being disappointed by cops and legal officials, and that turns into a dead grim when you end up with the wrong agencies unfortunately. But this time we won’t let you fall into the wrong pit, rather would elevate you to the doorsteps of Aark Detective, the most trustworthy and efficient detective agency in India.  In the last few years, Aark detectives agency has ranked amongst the best detective agency for its unparallel services to the clients and well trained and expert Personal Detectives in India. .

The agency is basically founded to stand next to all the victims who are ruthlessly compromised first by the abrupt tumults of life and then by the sugar-coated fake promises of all the social helpers and police departments. It stands solo yet involves every sectors of the society, be it media channels, reporters, journalists, higher end officers, and spies to get your case solved as soon as you register your case on our official website www.aarkdetectives.com.

The services we provide are basically categorized in four groups as per the case type, which are as follows:

  • Personal services
  • Corporate Services
  • IPR investigation
  • Forensic investigations

Our strong servers compile various advanced softwares, be it phone softwares, computer softwares, recording software, surveillance software, etc to deal with your case as per its level. The levels of services include the cases in accord of their criticality which are listed as follows;

  • Personal Level Cases: Child kidnapping; pre and post-matrimonial deceit; extra marital affairs; partner vigilance; adultery/loyalty case; personal protection; murder cases; undercover operations, etc.
Corporate Level Cases: Cyber crime; asset search and skip tracing; asset verification and confiscation issues; IT security auditing; geopolitical risk analysis; physical security auditing; legal court matters; property issues; brand protection; infringement of copyright and trademark; etc.

The cases we handle are verily supervised by our expert team leaders across the country and the famous detectives in India who are always lurking around the corners waiting for your call alert. Once the case is filed under our sector surveillance, the client can rest a while leaving the entire responsibility. But in order to get full cooperation from our side, the victim must not conceal confidential evidences from our agents, lest our detectives won’t be able to avail you the best possible assistance you are so desperately seeking in your crisis.

Call us on our phone number given on the official website or you can send us email or personal message via chat box. We are always ready to receive your response with utter sincerity and dedication to alleviate you off your problem as quickly as possible.

Our advantage

Handling surveillance technology with experienced private investigator Having well qualified professional and investigator for client Specialize in background verification services with evidence proof 100% confidential and integrity of works

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Aark Detectives provides all kinds of detective services all over India including many foreign countries.

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